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AsianCrush is the biggest streaming service dedicated to Asian entertainment and pop culture in North America, offering more than a thousand premium movies and TV shows from the leading entertainment producers in Asia. Its users are able to watch with no limits, anytime, anywhere, on all major devices that are connected to the internet and all that cost-free. It comes with a clean design and intuitive layout. Its library is divided by genres, while the major one being anime, but the whole library contains much more than that. A must for all fans of Asian culture with most of its content offered in HD quality.

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Anime Planet is a perfect place for all anime fans. It offers a legal and industry-supported catalogue of dubbed and subbed anime as it built a tight connection with the anime industry. Anime Planet…

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Gogoanime is an anime streaming website which streams all types of anime on their site. Gogoanime is very popular among the Anime lovers as they provide the HD quality of any type of Anime series as…

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Kisscartoon is a streaming service which focuses exclusively on animated films and series. This includes content for children, as well as anime and adult cartoons for a more mature audience. The…

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AnimeFreak is a website for the free streaming of anime shows. It contains all sorts of the typical anime series and you can sort through them by looking at the newest shows, most popular animes,…

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Hackstore is a movie lovers' site that allows users to download or even watch online anime, movies, or even TV series. The platform is entirely free. The movies available on this platform are fetched…

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5 is a streaming service that relies on premium subscription to provide users with access to a hoard of dubbed anime titles as well as and subtitles. It provides the largest library of…

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4 is a site that provides users with manga animes. Manga animes refers to Japanese comics where characters have bigger eyes, are done in black and white, and more speed lines characterize…

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3 is an Australian based site developed by Madman Entertainment company that deals with anime based TV series, documentaries, and featured films both in New Zeeland and Australia. AnimeLab…

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9anime - Enough Anime for nine lives9anime is a free movie streaming site that is accessible to users from all over the world. 9anime does not host content of its own but links its users with videos…

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1 is a platform designed for users who want to watch animes in high quality and English subtitles. The site, which lists animes by genre, season, loading order and popularity, has a…

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Those who have previously watched Japanese animations know very well how different these animations are from known cartoons. The sites where these animations are together and the new chapters that…

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