started with massive help by contributors from all over the world, and we are continuously adding new items. Lists of alternatives are crowd-sourced, which is a guarantee of relevance and trustworthiness. Our mission is simple - help you find the right software for your phone or computer by offering you a list of alternatives to products that you already know, but maybe you are not satisfied with it completely. The list of alternatives keeps changing as we add new products and as our users upvote and give ratings to products they like.

By creating your account, you gain the possibility to help us grow and culture the content; the more users add their opinions, the better is the final result! There are plenty of websites comparing a single type of a product, and those pages are usually not professional reviewers, but resellers of the best-rated product on their site hiding behind the fact, that anyone can create a page like this. Here at is a lot of different categories to choose from and the lists are made automatically as ratings, and upvotes change.

We want to present you a powerful tool that could help thousands of customers finding the best product available. If you're missing any product that fits in the general theme of tech software, let us know, and we will add it ASAP. We wish you all best while using, and if you run into any technical difficulties, please let us know also.


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