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Finding the best font for designers is a challenging process. Not all beautiful fonts can fit every project, so every designer should have several alternatives in his bag. BeFonts is a font site full of beautiful and high-quality fonts. These thousands of fonts in DaFont are available for free download and are available for Mac and Windows PCs. Users can not only download the fonts they love but also share it with their friends with a single click. This site has a large list of categories, including some font subcategories. Users can find beautiful fonts here without much effort. The website also has the option of sending a new font for users to make it available to others.

Alternatives to BEfonts

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DaFont is a free font download site. It is a font sharing site with thousands of free fonts, as well as paid personal and professional styles. DaFont is originally from France and preferred by a huge…

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If you want different types of fonts designs and want to use them in your projects then Fontspace might be a very good option for you. Fontspace provide you more than 65,000 fonts designs to choose…

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Google Fonts


Google Web Fonts is Google's font collection service that was released to the public in 2010 and for the public. Available to everyone, Google Fonts contains fonts that offer support in many…

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Font Squirell


Font Squirrel is a free fonts site for personal or commercial purposes. It aims at making it easy to access all the fonts that users dream about. The fonts are availed and presented in easy to use…

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