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Dailymotion, a video sharing platform, is a place where you can find visual content in many different categories. At first, only the platform with video monitoring feature was added later on, to add video feature. In this way, his followers started to increase. Although it is not as popular as Youtube, it is possible to find videos that are divided into many categories on Dailymotion. This platform, which was established in France in 2004, has started to host many videos in a short period of time and provide the opportunity to host people who want to create a video section on their website. Even with this feature, it has been able to create its own user base.

Alternatives to Dailymotion

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Dtube is a video uploading and viewing platform where users can upload videos using Steem Blockchain and IPFS technology. The creators of this system aim to create an environment that will support…

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Bitchute is a video content sharing platform where the creators can post their own videos to let the world know about their content. The creators are allowed to post any type of content whether it is…

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MetaCafe is a Video Sharing Platform, very similar to Youtube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. The members of the platform can upload videos and comment on other videos using the website of the application.…

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The popular social network YouTube, which maximizes interpersonal interaction as well as watching videos, was founded in 2005 in the United States by 3 former Paypal employees, Chad Hurley, Steve…

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Vimeo, one of the video sharing platforms, became popular in the first cycle when it was first established. In fact, it was the platform that first launched the concept of watching videos from the…

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Disney plus is a streaming website service that is dedicated but not limited to Disney movies. Enjoy Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic and more delivered straight to your Smart TVs,…

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Togethertube is a site that allows users to watch videos with their friends. When users use this platform, it remains only to set up a room and send an invitation link to their friends. The platform…

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MyVidster is a video sharing platform which allows its users to share, save and discuss the videos they might like or hate. You are allowed to save any video you found on the platform. You can also…

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