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Doodle can be defined as "easy scheduling" in the manufacturer's own terms. Thanks to this application, events, meetings, meetings that multiple people can attend can be easily planned. There are also applications in Google play and AppStore. Users can also solve the problem of not being organized by uploading to their mobile devices. Doodle works like this: first, users need to register with Doodle. Then, information about the meeting, meeting or whatever activity is planned is entered. The time of the event is determined from the calendar and the appropriate interval is marked and common time is planned. The appropriate days and times selected by the invited people on the calendar are arranged so that all users in the pool can see so that everyone can be aware of each other. Users have the opportunity to hold the meetings at the most appropriate time, knowing that it is the most suitable day and time for everyone. Moreover, users who are sent invitations do not need to be Doodle users. It is enough for the organizer to be a member of Doodle.

Alternatives to Doodle

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Calendly is a tool that allows users to schedule meetings and appointments easily. It is free to start using its services. The platform enables easy setups by synchronizing with user preferences. The…

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As the name suggests, Scedulicity can help you schedule appointments of almost any kind and book services online from dentists and doctors to music lessons or government organisations. It is only…

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The Straw Poll site is a platform for informal voting or surveys on a specific topic to learn the idea of a group or public. This platform is created in a very simple, clear and understandable style.…

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Straw Poll


Straw poll is an app, which allows its users to create anonymous opinion polls that can help them to easily choose the best option on any chosen topic. Not only can the participants of the poll…

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Timetrade is an artificial intelligence-based system that acts as an appointment scheduling solution for retaining, acquiring, and connecting with customers. The platform is appointment-driven and…

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AppointmentPlus is a planning support platform that provides cloud-based employees and services such as appointment creation tools, web services, appointment tracking. On this platform, users can…

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