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GlimmerBlocker is an Ad Blocker for your Mac Laptop. GlimmerBlocker works exactly like a normal Ad Blocker but the difference between GlimmerBlocker and others is that GlimmerBlocker doesn't use any types of Hacks in order to remove the ads, but it uses the https technique to remove the ads so that it won't make problems in your browsing experience. There are many versions of GlimmerBlocker available so that you can use it in any macOS version you want, whether it is the old one or the new one. You can use GlimmerBlocker for absolutely free and there are no charges in order to use their service!

Alternatives to GlimmerBlocker

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UBlock Origin


uBlock Origin is a very fast, powerful and lean ad-blocker plugin. Compared to blockers like Adguard, Adblock and ADP, the platform, which is thought to be one step ahead, can be used in leading…

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Adamant is offered free of charge with its simple and simple use for users who do not want to deal with different configuration and customization options. Adamant is one of the applications that can…

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AdGuard is a unique tool that blocks ads in applications and browsers, even without root privileges, protects users' privacy and helps them manage their applications. In short, Adguard is a kind of…

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Quero is an enhanced Internet Explorer ad blocker and navigation bar. Its diverse versions such as AdBlock Host, AdBlock IE8 XML, AdBlock IE TPL, Quero Launcher, and Quero Toolbar are available for…

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AdBlock logo



Adblock is a browser add-on that allows users to remove animations, ads, and grueling items forever, and show them what they hide if they want. It provides significant page loading speed especially…

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Blokada is a free, open-source application that provides users with a hoard of essential services such as blocking malware, trackers, and ads. The app ensures user privacy speeds up user devices and…

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Redmorph is a platform that provides privacy and security services. Designed for use on Android devices, this app is available to the users who have privacy and security concerns. The app reports to…

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