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Jitsi Meet is an app available for Apple products like Apple Watch, iPad, and iPhone found on App Store. This app is free of charge. It allows users to have video conferencing to stay in touch with colleagues, friends, family, and team. This app does not impose restrictions on the number of users that can participate in a teleconference. However, bandwidth and servers are the only limiting factors. Through the app, users can protect chat rooms using a password to control the people who can join specific rooms. Moreover, this app is protected by default to ensure the security of the users. Both video and audio communications are of high quality to meet the VP8 and Opus richness and clarity. Users without this app can use the browser by sharing their conference links. It is based on an open-source project; hence the code can be reviewed by anyone who wishes to.

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Alternatives to Jitsi Meet

Skype logo



Skype is a platform used across the globe to chat and video call. Through this platform, screen sharing on both iOS and Android is possible. Furthermore, the user can avoid mixing up conversations by…

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Viber logo



Viber is an application used on smartphones and offers free calling and messaging thanks to the internet. This program is also extremely popular, such as WhatsApp, Skype, and Facebook Messenger. The…

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Signal - Private Messenger logo

Signal - Private Messenger


Signal Private Messenger stands out with its significant and different features compared to other applications available in mobile stores. This messenger encrypts all communications and keeps…

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Messenger logo



Messenger, is a text and video chat application that finds its place in almost every mobile phone. Messenger, which is widely used by Facebook users in both messaging and video calls, serves in most…

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ICQ logo




ICQ is a messenger and video call app found on the App store. It implies that it is only available for iOS devices. It is easy and convenient to use. The app provides security to users by encrypting…

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Appear.in logo



Appear.in is an app that made for Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad and Mac. On iPads and iPhones, the app is found on the Apple Store. This app enables users to have instant video meetings even…

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Facetime logo



FaceTime, in short, is Apple’s video and voice call service. Users can think of FaceTime as an application that uses Wi-Fi or cellular data connectivity instead of traditional phone lines. FaceTime…

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FortKnoxster logo



FortKnoxster is an easy to use iOS app that provides communication security amongst its users. It is freely available on the App Store. The app only uses an internet connection. With this app, you…

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Riot logo



Riot.im is designed as a secure chat application. The application released by Vector Creations Limited can be used on both Android and IOS devices. Thanks to its encrypted structure, the application…

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Zoom logo



Zoom is a leading cloud-based remote conferencing service provider based in California. Founded in 2011, it provides services like video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars…

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OoVoo logo



ooVoo is a multi-chat and video conferencing program downloaded over the Internet. This platform also includes video chat services such as Google Hangouts, Skype, Facetime, Fring, Qik, and Tango. Up…

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Tango logo



Starting as a messaging app years ago, Tango helped people to communicate and share their experiences through chatting and calls. It has been an absolutely useful and nice platform to connect to the…

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