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LogMeln.com is a platform that provides users with remote access to their office. It can be used by IT professionals, small businesses, individuals, technicians, and help desk, among others. The platform helps ensure the continuous and smooth running of business even while one is away. It is divided into pro, central, and rescue. LogMeIn pro ensures that users get an easy to use, reliable, and secure remote access. LogMeIn Central provides a stable IT environment to monitor and manage your business. Tasks in this platform can be automated for better endpoint infrastructure visibility. LogMeIn is an additional tool that enables users to provide business customer support remotely. It can be used across platforms like android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. Users have access to 24/7 support that solves customer issues more effectively.

Alternatives to LogMeIn.com

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X2Go is a simple remote desktop solution, which unlocks the graphical desktop of a computer, usually over a low bandwidth connection. The tool was mainly develop to access Linux software but not…

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UNNC is a remote access tools provider which provides the software to the users around the globe to remotely access other's PC without any type of hustles and problems. UVNC provides free and fast…

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Google RemoteDesktop


Google Remote Desktop refers to a system of synching user devices on a PC, phone, or tablet. It allows users to access their computer from other computers, tablets, or phones. The platform is free…

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NoMachine is a Remote access provider which provides the remote access to thousands of users around the world. NoMachine has the aim to provide the fastest access to its users so that they can access…

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RemoteUtilities.com is a business remote desktop software that provides users with control over their IT infrastructure. Its software is compatible with Android, Linux, Mac, and Windows. With the…

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TeamViewer is a useful application for remote access to devices over the internet. The user gets access to and control over the desktop of the connected computers and servers from anywhere, using a…

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AnyDesk offers remote access to any connected computer. Manage files and other functions from afar via a reliable and secure remote desktop technology and special functions such as Unattended Access,…

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UltraViewer is an absolute free Remote Access Software which helps the users to access any computer remotely. UltraViewer saves the time of people as it is very time consuming to go and check the…

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With DWService you can access remote systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry etc.) by using a simple web browser. This way you can for example use your home computer over the internet from anywhere…

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