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M1finance.com is a smart money management platform that helps individuals seamlessly spend, borrow, and invest their finances, allowing financial personalization and control on a single platform. It is used by over 100k individuals and businesses from all parts of the world, with over $1 billion under the platform’s management. This platform helps users to freely use ETF or stock to build a portfolio allowing intelligence investment. Also, users with over $10000 investments can borrow money at incredibly low rates. Additionally, the user can use an M1 debit card or checking account to spend or access personal finances. It facilitates the smooth movement of money during investments. The platform’s mobile app is available for download on Google Play or App Store.

Alternatives to M1finance.com

Schwab.com logo



Schwab is an All in One investing and trading options for the users limited to the United States of America. Schwab also offers thousands of other services to its users that they can easily avail…

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Robinhood.com logo



Robinhood.com is an investment platform that provides commission-free investing and a hoard of other ways in which users can invest their money. It helps users make commission-free options, funds,…

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Sofi.com logo



Sofi is an online payment and cash investment solution for the users from all over the world. Sofi offers many different kind of Payment options that you can use to invest or store on their platform.…

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Acorns.com logo



Acorns is a platform where the users can invest their money and can make profit from their cash. Acorns also allows its users to spend their cash from their platform in a trusted manner which would…

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Webull.com logo



Webull is an investing app which the users can use to trade stocks and currencies pairs as per their convenience. Webull provides its users with hundreds of currencies pairs as well as the option to…

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Stashinvest.com logo



Stashinvest is a website and mobile app that allows its customers to take banking into their own hands and freely invest smaller amounts of money. They can easily browse stocks, bonds and ETFs and…

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Axosinvest.com logo



Axosinvest is a service which provides automated investing solution to its users. Axosinvest does not charge any high fees or anything in order to make the investments possible. One of the best…

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