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2 is a platform where users can get magazines in pdf format. It offers magazines that revolve around women’s men’s, tech, sport, press, science, health, fashion, business, art and animals matters. All the individual genres of magazines contain diverse categories that the user can choose from. It also has a field where the user can find the latest and popular magazines. This platform has a search button that can be used to easily and quickly find the magazine that the user wants. The magazines on this site date back from August 2014. It highly depends on Ads to support itself; thus there are numerous ADS on the site. The magazines are also derived from all parts of the world.

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Smashwords is a site hosting over 45 thousand e-books. The platform is listed as the largest and most reliable and easiest e-book site after the Amazon Kindle. Users can easily find all kinds of…

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12 is part of the Z-library project, the most extensive e-book library in the world. This platform, which contains millions of articles, novels and educational documents, provides a critical…

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Supported partly by the California State Library and the Kahle/Austin Foundation and mostly by the donators and the volunteers, the Open Library is a project to reach the purpose of listing each and…

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The OverDrive website provides users with free access to e-books, audiobooks and many other resources. Users can find the digital collections and libraries of their schools and access the resources.…

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3 is a website where a customer can buy books and download them to their device (tablet, smartphones, or book devices). A customer can find there any book they desire with a search bar.…

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3 is a library of free Ebooks. It was established in 2004. Most of the early ebooks in the site originated from the archives of Project Gutenberg. This means that a lot of classic exist…

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1 is a platform where users can get ebooks covering diverse fields such as health and fitness, romance, technology, computer, fiction, history, and science, among others. Furthermore,…

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Centslessbooks is a platform with a rich repository of free kindle ebooks and audiobooks that are hosted on amazon on multiple genres. The books are categorized based on popular books, different…

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1 is a platform that gathers magazines and provides them to users in the form of pdf. It acts as a library for the magazine. In the site, users can find magazines that date back…

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