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SkyWars is a multiplayer Player vs Player (PvP) Minecraft game where the players battle amongst themselves to be the last one or team alive in the game. Players can kill others by weapons or simply by knocking them down. For every kill, they are rewarded with a soul. The soul can be used to unlock many kits and perks to enhance your game. The most popular server to host SkyWars is Hypixel. Hypixel is one of the largest and highest quality Minecraft Server Networks in the world that hosts a number of games. The server has certain rules that every player needs to follow to continue playing the plethora of games available on this platform. Hypixel Skywars offers four game modes - Solo, Team, Mega, and Ranked. Solo and Team are further subdivided into Normal and Insane mode. With each mode, the kits and perks vary.

Alternatives to SkyWars

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Aternos enables users with very little admin skills to create and manage their own Minecraft server easily and for free. The services are fully customizable and the user can add plugins, try out…

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Multicraft is a server hosting solution and control panel for the popular computer game Minecraft. The hosting platform enables users to manage all their servers through one simple control panel and…

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McMMO overhaul refers to a platform that provides users with a series of updates that can be instantly used to bring about mcMMO changes, thus rendering improvements. The platform has been alive for…

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Pufferpanel is an open-source game server management system mainly for both small networks and game server providers. It's very popular as it's free, very easy to install and use as well as supports…

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Mineplex is a multiplayer Minecraft server platform founded by Gregory Bylos in January 2013. This platform is one of four servers that officially collaborated with Mojang, the creator of Minecraft.…

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SkyBlock is one of the most popular map of Minecraft. Thousands of Gamers regularly use SkyBlock to get access to their favorite map and do whatever they want. The SkyBlock map provides its players…

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9minecraft is a website which can be a blessing for the Minecraft players. 9minecraft provides the different types of mods to the Minecraft Players which allows the players to roam and explore the…

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Bukkit is an API used by players of the popular game Minecraft. It gives third party developers the access to plugins to create, extend and better control multiplayer servers by allowing them to add…

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McMyAdmin is a website for Minecraft servers offering a simple web control panel and administration console for Windows as well as Linux/GNU. It is the leading service of its kind online, with over…

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Spigotmc is a Minecraft server which is available to all the players of the Minecraft around the world. Spigotmc provides some amazing features and functions to the players who are connected to the…

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Glowstone is a light emitting block which was acquired by the trading that happened in the Nether. For those who don't know, here we are talking about the Minecraft and its stuff. Glowstone was first…

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