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Swift SMS Gateway is a Canadian global SMS service provider that has been around for over ten years. It is business-oriented with all its facilities and data centres located in their homeland. Offering complex messaging services for multinational companies and whole industries. You can choose your unique number and all customers have access to a non-stop live support. They have been a key tool for HRs worldwide in building their talent pool databases with the feature that connects text messaging into their Recruitment Platform Systems. Connectivity for company mobile needs, single texting or mass broadcasting comes for a flat price of 100USD.

Alternatives to Swift SMS Gateway

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Sendinblue is a platform that is designed especially for startups and offers very useful applications. Sendinblue is very user-friendly and very popular, offering services such as mass e-mail sending…

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Nexmo.com logo



Nexmo is an app that allows users to send SMS notification to their customers in particular. Users can send SMS notifications to both private numbers and customer numbers. Using this module, users…

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Clicksend.com logo



Clicksend.com is an online API messaging service provider that allows the user to send thousands of messages to users across the web. It does not require the user to download any software. It offers…

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Text local logo

Text local


Textlocal is a very popular bulk SMS sending tool for the Indian market. Now helping over 165,000 companies for their SMS marketing and communication efforts, Textlocal has been providing its…

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Clockwork logo



Clockwork is a text messages API platform that does not tire its users with commitments and rentals. It is easy and quick to use. With this platform, the user can send text messages directly from…

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Way2sms.com logo



Way2sms.com is an Indian based platform that facilitates the sending of free messages to different users. It aims to allow users to stay in touch with their friends and family while at the same time…

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2sms.com logo



2sms.com was founded in 2000 and is located in the USA. They offer a customer-centric SMS sending website, which promises encrypted messages for users from the USA, United Kingdom and European Union.…

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Callr logo



Callr is a global SMS and voice service providers aimed at smarter user interactions. It helps the users to develop contextual, personalized and automated communication with the site’s API that is…

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Engagespark logo



Engagespark is a social enterprise that enables charitable organizations all over the world to communicate. As an institution, we believe that everyone needs information, education, services,…

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TheSMSworks logo



TheSMSworks is a platform that offers to organizations and companies, SMS APIs at a low cost. This platform has user-friendly prices, and it only charges the messages that are delivered. Messages…

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Pony Express HQ logo

Pony Express HQ


Pony Express HQ is a group messaging platform that allows the sending of messages as well as images to and from a considerable group of persons. The platform provides users with a toll-free number or…

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Textita.com logo



Taxtita.com is a site that offers temporary phone numbers that can be used in phone verification. The phone numbers offered are non-VOIP and can be used in the verification of online services. It…

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Tumasms.com logo



TumaSMS is a messaging application that is licensed by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK). The platform, which allows companies to send messages to their customers as well as interpersonal…

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