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Twitter, one of the most popular social networks in the world, was established in San Francisco. It was founded by the development of the idea put forward by Jack Dorsey, according to Twitter's interesting story that started with a group of 14 friends. Accordingly, Dorsey plans to develop a much more functional web-based system for this kind of communication, where everyone can interact with each other, instead of communicating over the phone via sms. As a result, it has come out of the need for a group of friends to text on the internet more easily for the establishment of Twitter. For example, TT (Trending Topic) is the section on the left or right part of the page navigated, with the 10 most talked topics instantly on Twitter. Each country has its own TT list as well as a global TT list.

Alternatives to Twitter

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Diaspora is a community where you can follow the daily world trends by placing the hashtags in your messages. Unlike the other networks, Diaspora allows the users to store their data in specific…

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The Steemit platform, a blockchain, is a platform where users earn tokens by sharing content, commenting, and discovering the best shares. Users confirm the content they like on the platform. Due to…

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Czech social network Warengo pursues a purpose other than Facebook or Instagram, neither do its authors see direct competition in the LinkedIn portal. Doing the same job in connecting professionals,…

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Instagram is an application for sharing photos and videos that was released only for free devices for IOS processors in October 2010 and then for Android devices in 2012. With its release in 2010, it…

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EyeEm is a website for the sharing or search of licensed photography. It offers images for businesses or agencies as well as individuals. The website uses a smart computer vision technology that…

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Facebook is one of the greatest social media platforms that is used by billions of people from all over the world. It is available on almost all major operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows,…

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