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Veromi is a people and business directory, designed for the purposes of searching the addresses, phone numbers or e-mails of people or businesses from the United States. Veromi allows users to make a background check, see the criminal records and public records. In addition, there is a reverse phone check tool as well. Veromi feeds itself using dozens of databases in the US and it aims to provide the most accurate information to the users. Users can perform searches on the names they want to get information for, while there's also another opportunity to have a look at the menu that gives information about the popular names.

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8 is a site that hosts huge amounts of data regarding different individuals from diverse sources. It acts as an intelligent service for the people who want to know more about their employers…

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PeopleSmart is a system that enables users to access other people's information easily and cost-effectively. Although this system provides search services, it does not provide services such as…

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4 is a site that provides its users with classified ads for free. It gives a chance to the users to freely and easily post ads in every accessible category and city. The user listing…

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Skipease is designed to bring together sites built to perform background checks on people. There are many sites that access background information through their official records. Skipease is a site…

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1 is a licensed private investigation service provider that was founded in 2002. They offer background checks, criminal record checks and other options like people search, workplace…

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