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Wire is a fun messaging application that users can use for free. Wire, where users can chat with their friends in voice, video, and text, has a different interface compared to other messaging applications. Since Wire has a different interface, its usage is a bit different from other messaging applications. Users can send messages with Wire application by following these steps. After opening the Wire app and logging in to their account, if there are no friends in the contact list, users can type and add their Wire user name to the "Search by name or email" field. Then users can tap the friend's name in the contact list to send a message to the friend. When the chat window opens, users can tap the area at the bottom of the screen to type text. Also, users can slide the colored line at the bottom right of the screen to the right and tap any of the options they see to ping or call these friends.

Alternatives to Wire

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Discord is a platform designed to bring together game lovers and facilitate their communication. The creators of the site have created such a platform based on the idea that the most important and…

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Chatstep logo



Chatstep worked as a site that enables its visitors to create an online chatroom of their own design or enter one of the thousands of existing ones. Users can talk with their identities hidden, or…

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Telegram logo



Telegram markets itself as the new era of messaging, and it is a correct definition. It has amazing features for messaging, connecting, calling and video chats. Its features are no lesser than the…

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Whatsapp logo



WhatsApp refers to a messaging platform that is available for iOS and Android as well as other devices. It makes use of internet traffic to connect with friends and family through chats, voice, and…

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WeChat logo



WeChat is a chatting app that is used by more than a billion users globally. It allows the users to make mobile payments with the use of WeChat pay, play games, read the news, make calls, and chat…

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Signal logo



Signal, like all other popular messaging applications, meets all kinds of communication needs of users. An additional feature is the high level of security. In Signal, all voice and video calls, file…

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Riot.im logo



Riot.im is a communication app that gives control to the user while at the same time, providing enough security. It is available on the browser and can be downloaded on the desktop. It is available…

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Threema logo



EEEMA, which stands for “End-to-End Encrypted Messaging Application”, provides a secure service to its users by changing its name to Threema. This application is available in 11 languages ​​and has…

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Jitsi logo



Jitsi is an open-source video conferencing platform. It can be used by two persons or as many people as possible. It has free tools that can be used to build free video conferencing client for as…

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Wickr logo



Wickr refers to a platform that offers a hoard of features to its users, such as full administration control, Bots, MDM integration, SSO, file transfer, video, and voice calls, among others. It makes…

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Conversations logo



Conversations refer to an android 4.0 and above Jabber/XMPP client, which provides users with an exceptional mobile experience. It is available for purchase on Google Play. The platform allows users…

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Tox logo




Tox is a platform created for providing a new style of instant messaging with a higher security level. As an encrypted system, your messages are secure and protected in Tox. It is created for the…

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Bitmessage logo



Bitmessage is an open-source client that uses the communication protocol of type P2P. It enables the dispatch of encrypted messages to many subscribers or even to a single person. However, the site…

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Chatsecure logo



Chatsecure is designed for the users to chat with each other using an open source system and it is totally free. The platform uses OMEMO and OTR encryption systems on XMPP servers. To become a member…

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Briar logo



Briar is designed as a communication application that provides a user-friendly and reliable messaging experience. This software, which was created as an open-source, took its place in the market in…

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Silence logo



Silence is a platform, which is designed to encrypt and secure users' SMS and MMS communications. Silence, which offers the users the security of the messages that will be coming to them and that are…

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Chatcrypt.com logo



Chatcrypt is a group chat application for the ones who want to keep their conversations secret and don't let others read their messages. This website provides end-to-end encrypted group chatting…

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