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Wix is a website where web developers can get tools essential in creating a well-designed website. This platform functions in a unique way to provide users with the freedom to develop, manage, design and develop websites according to their preferences. Wix allows the creation of high-quality sites that can easily be used in starting a blog, opening a store, showing casing your work and promote a business. It has over 500 designer templates that can be used to create a personal website. However, the user can choose to start from scratch. It mainly involves drag and drops to ease the builder’s work. The tools make web customization easy where distinct feature such as scroll animations and effects, and video background are used. Furthermore, Wix allows users to add personal code because it has a built-in IDE. Users also have the disposal of over 100 APIs, and the user can choose to work in their environment.

Alternatives to WIX

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Strikingly, a free website design platform. This platform, which has built-in SEO features, includes social media plugins, page analytics, forms, and mailing list creation services. This popular…

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Squarespace is a software as a service model for creating websites and hosting. It enables users to work with pre-built templates as well as drag and drop elements to create customized web pages. It…

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GoDaddy is one of the world's best known domain and server providers. The most talked-about aspect of the firm that serves globally is the eye-catching advertisements that it uses to promote its…

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Moonfruit logo



Moonfruit offers an easy way to create your own responsive website. With the help of already prepared template blocks, you can customize your own platform without any knowledge of coding. The…

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Weebly is one of the most popular website manufacturers on the market, hosting more than 40 million sites worldwide. It has very important features that make Weebly so popular and useful. The drag…

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