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XMedia Recode was developed by Sebastian Dörfler, the stable release is from February 2019. It is a tool - a freeware video transcoding program that operates on Microsoft Windows computers. Users can import and export various types of files such as WMV, MP4, 3GP and sound formats such as MP3, or WAV. XMedia Recode can transform DVDs to all supported output file. It also features a drag-and-drop method interface and applies job queuing and batch processing in order to automate if you want to transcode multiple files at the same time. Xmedia Recode is being updated frequently and new features offer possibilities such as import of external subtitles, the support of latest x264/ffmpeg, or video rotation.

Alternatives to Xmedia Recode

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Online Video Converter


Online Video Converter is probably the most popular online converter you can find. It runs without any scandals since 2008 and served hundreds of millions of customers on the go. It also downloads…

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HandBrake is a french video transcoder that was designed for 64-bit Windows computers. It is an open-source programme that lets you convert from almost any kind of format, audio and video files. YOu…

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Prism Video Converter


Prism Video Converter Software was originally released by NCH back in 2007 available in versions for Windows and Mac OS. It is is a video conversion software that supports formats such as AVI, MP4,…

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Format Factory


Format Factory supports a wide range of audio and video formats and their conversion from one to another. It is free software that runs on most Windows computers. Supported video formats are MP4, AVI…

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Clip Converter


Clip converter lets you convert almost any type of sound and video URL to various different formats. You can download free licensed videos from youtube or audio files from SoundCloud. Another…

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File Converter


FreeFileConvert presents conversion of files into various formats, together thousands of different combinations of audio, video, document, image, archive, presentation or ebook transcoding. It is a…

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