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Gumroad is a decentralized platform for creatives to sell their movies, courses, comics, music, or books. To this moment, creators earned over $341M on Gumroad, and audiences can find here creators such as designers, artists, musicians, filmmakers, actors, photographers, software developers, authors, and more.

Gumroad is special primarily by its approach. They made an online market with a mixture of all creative industries with people from all around the globe. Gumroad takes just a minimal fee from online purchases, so creators can grow. 

Customers have the opportunity to personalize the landing page. They even can rewrite code in CSS to style anything. Clients of Gumroad can also provide follow via email for their customers, can set up discounts, payment by any amount, sell products in dollars, pound, or yen, sell multiple versions of a product or rent their products. If anyone gets stuck with making new content, Gumroad offers a 30-day audience building challenge with a 10-day product launch program.

Creatives also have access to in-depth statistics that show who is buying their products, what country their customers come from, how much they earned, and more. All statistics can be watched on a mobile device because Gumroad provides a free mobile app. 

The buyers can search for specific things or visit their favorite creators' pages and buy stuff there. Gumroad offers a broad range of things, from digital copies to handmade accessories, delivered by local posts.

Gumroad has two versions. Free one and premium for Creators. The Premium version allows users to add their own CSS, delete Gumroad branding, use their domain, share unlimited posts, stream in HD, and pay less for fees.

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