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The platform for all sorts of famous people is based on a subscription model. Subscribestar declares that it is established on independence, transparency, and security. Subscribestar is now free for all musicians, artists, and trainers. Subscribestar is currently used by some celebrities such as Nathan Rich, The Britisher, and New Discourses among all.

Subscribestar is a mediator betwixt influencers and their audience. It takes all the technicalities away, so creators can entirely focus on the craft they are making. After influencers make an account on Subscribestar new incomers can support him via the subscribe button. The number of subscription levels, benefits for a certain level, and the amount are up to the creator. 

Members have the option to directly text to a creator and get access to exclusive content appropriate to the subscription level. Subscribers can also join private chats on Discord, Discourse, or any other private places. Members also can watch the daily feed, participate in contests, get content earlier, or have private sessions with the creators. The platform can be used on mobile devices thanks to the mobile app.

Subscribestar, as one of a few, guarantees a high level of security. Where nobody can steal or copy customers' content. Clients have the option to watch advanced analytics and thus get to know their target audience better. Subscribestar analytics provides tiers distribution that displays an amount of each subscriber tier, pledges by a country tab that shows where client's fans live, income chart, subscribers activity, and more. Subscribestar customers have the option to integrate OAuth2, API, Discord, and Webhooks.

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