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Podia is a win-win solution for creators and their audience. The platform provides a place where customers can sell webinars, courses, downloads, or memberships. 

Podia is famous for the simplicity of all features and friendly user interface. New coming users get a 14-day trial to try all premium benefits. The main target of Podia are businesses, which is also the focus of both premium packages. In full price, Podia provides a customizable website, which means space for customers to sell their products, allows the audience to sign up for a customer's newsletter, and includes information about the site owner.

Podia helps sell and manage online courses, digital downloads, and webinars by putting them in one place without the need for third-party tools or plugins, allowing customers to focus only on their craft. Podia also promotes some courses through their social media and example section. 

Email marketing is not foreign to Podia, either. The platform helps customers fill up their email list via many features; for example, they can use sign-up information from Webinars on Podia to enlarge the email list. Because Podia works in many aspects like some famous social media, it has a live chat function for communication with the audience. 

For busy clients, is there a possibility to add additional teammates that will help with products, daily uploads, or some extensive actions. All teammates can have different permissions set according to their duty. Customers' content can be posted on other websites or social media, and Podia members will re-post it on Podia. Buy buttons can be placed outside of Podia, and customers will be able to buy items placed on Podia without leaving the current website. 

Podia will also allow clients to generate unique codes for affiliate marketing, use third-party code snippets, choose from 11 languages and 22 currencies, connect with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc. Podia customers never pay transaction fees and are not limited by a max amount of unique incomers, emails, sales, or hosted files.

Alternatives to Podia.com

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