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Finding a way to sell your premium content to your audience? Then use Memberful. This platform is easy to handle and works well with WordPress, Stripe, and Mailchimp. Memberful Registration requires Full name, Company or Organization, Account URL, Email, and Password.

The platform works as a technical middleman between the customer and his audience. Clients can set a member button on their website, and incomers can become members there.

Memberful provides many features that make communication with the audience more comfortable. Members can directly message to influencers, subscribe to a daily feed, get exclusive content, personal meetings, or win prizes. Memberful is really open in this aspect, so it is only up to the client's creativity what benefits it will offer the members.

The next prominent feature is an option for the newsletter to members. Customers just need to connect Memberful with Campaign Monitor, ConverKit, Drip, or Mailchimp. Memberful also has the opportunity to set specific plans for designated subscribers. Benefits for members can be set for the length of subscribing, the amount paid, or the chosen plan.

Memberful can also be connected with famous podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Castro, etc. and then creators can set up private podcasts for their audience. With Memberful, clients can create secure podcast feeds for each subscriber using current hosting providers. And don't have to stay there because Memberful supports a broad spectrum of apps and plugins. Among the most popular are Discord with a members-only chat forum, Google Analytics with conversions tracking, and LearnDash with members-only lessons, topics, and quizzes.

Memberful is available in two premium versions divided by price and one free starting version with limited functions to try Memberful.

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