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Ko-fi is free to use as a platform for creatives to share their premium craft, ideas, and messages. It is a bridge between creators and their fans. Where audiences get premium stuff for the price of one coffee and creatives can boost their income and thus focus primarily on art.

Ko-fi clients get their funds from one-time subscriptions. However, unlike many similar platforms, Ko-fi does not end up there and also works as a market where fans can buy stuff directly from artists. People can buy animations, videos, sketches, drawings, illustrations, but even more unusual things like training lessons or audio packages. Most of the goods are made custom according to the fan's imagination. That is why Ko-fi fits novice creators as well. Audiences find there many artists, writers, podcasters, but also the cosplayers and bloggers.

The platform provides options to make a gallery, set up crowdfunding goals, share daily posts, create exclusive rewards, or connect Ko-fi accounts with customers' blogs. The audience can pay via Stripe or Paypal.

In the base, Ko-fi is a free platform. However, customers have the option to buy a Gold version and get a golden badge with more personal space, exclusive posts, options for fans to set recurring monthly payments, 0% commissions fees, change coffee to anything from pizza to beer, which means larger subscription amounts. Gold members also get the option to shorten their nick, ad-free platform, higher-quality images in their gallery, analytics insights to see incoming new fans, how they act, and what they are buying and get new features first.

Alternatives to Ko-fi.com

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Podia is a win-win solution for creators and their audience. The platform provides a place where customers can sell webinars, courses, downloads, or memberships. Podia is famous for the…

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Gumroad is a decentralized platform for creatives to sell their movies, courses, comics, music, or books. To this moment, creators earned over $341M on Gumroad, and audiences can find here creators…

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One of the most favorite platforms to support creators. Nowadays, Patreon has become a new standard for creatives and other forms to make money by creating original content. Patreon's biggest triumph…

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Finding a way to sell your premium content to your audience? Then use Memberful. This platform is easy to handle and works well with WordPress, Stripe, and Mailchimp. Memberful Registration requires…

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Buymeacoffee is a platform that provides a place where creatives can get money from their audience. The platform works primarily on a one-time payment model in the amount of one coffee. Of course,…

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The platform for all sorts of famous people is based on a subscription model. Subscribestar declares that it is established on independence, transparency, and security. Subscribestar is now free for…

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  • Aghiles Bellahoues28-Dec-2021


  • Alicia21-May-2021

    I've been using Ko-fi for years now and it keeps getting better. I use it for tips, crowdfunding and to sell commissions. I know membership tiers is coming really soon too. They take no fees for most features and you can choose 5% or a monthly subscription which makes it so much better value than other services.

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